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Take advantage of many available services from Massage Serene Spa, including deep tissue massage which releases muscle tension and provides deep pain relief, trigger point therapy that relieves a tight area within muscle tissue to relieve other areas of the body, Swedish massage with its light to medium pressure that promotes circulation and lymph flow, and geriatric massage increases circulation, blood flow, and reduces pain and anxiety.


Come by for reflexology, which can relieve toe and ankle pain, arch pain, and plantar fasciitis, all while decreasing stress and anxiety, or cranial sacral therapy that's designed to gently release muscle and joint tension while promoting balance and decreasing stress.


You'll find a wealth of services at Massage Serene Spa, including Reiki, which transfers energy from your therapist's hands to you by holding his or her hand over various areas on your body to create total balance and relaxation. Or stop by for a prenatal massage that bonds you and your baby by alleviating aches and pains while embracing sleep and reducing fatigue.

 •  Customized massage or facial each month

 •  No contract

 •  Rollover program

 •  Same household add-on rate

 •  Discounted additional sessions

 •  Special discounted rate on full-body waxing

Sports massage promotes flexibilty to decrease risk of injury, plus improves endurance.

Don’t forget to improve your session with one of our many enhancements!  

Benefits of membership

 •  Hot Stone

     Melting away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases metabolism and circulation. We will apply water-heated stones to the body,  

     allowing for a deeper relaxation of the muscles.


 •  Aromatherapy

     Uses essential oils extracted from flowers, fruits, and herbs to naturally enhance well-being.


 •  Sugar Foot Scrub

     Hydrates, smoothes, and protects feet while helping soothe discomfort and foot pain.



 •  Scented Scalp Treatment

     Enhances hair follicles, hydrates, and decreases stress while increasing relaxation.


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